Theft or Vandalism Claims

Theft or Vandalism Claims
Let Us Settle Your Theft or Vandalism Claim

We will assist with the documenting, preparing, and settling Theft or Vandalism after your property has suffered such damage.

Every homeowner's insurance policy is different. As the homeowner, you will be required to ask a lot of questions and to read the fine print in order to fully understand your insurance policy. There are however, some things that almost all insurance policies have in common.

Vandalism is generally covered under an all-perils policy unless it is specifically excluded. Vandalism coverage applies to unoccupied homes but not to vacant homes after a certain period of time. To qualify as unoccupied, the home still contains the personal property of the policy owner, but the property owner is absent.

To qualify as vacant, the home must be empty and free of the owner's personal property. An example is if you were selling your home and moved out, taking all of your personal property with you. After a set period of time, vandalism coverage would no longer apply to your policy.

Insurance companies may unjustly and incorrectly deny coverage for theft or vandalism claims. It’s your right to have your claim re-opened and re-investigated and we can help.


What Is the difference between a Theft or Vandalism Insurance Claim?

It is confusing to determine which crime is committed on your property when someone breaks into your home or business and causes damage. In order to determine how you were damaged, you should know the differences between burglary, theft, and vandalism. Here are the basic definitions:

  • Burglary. This is the act of entering a property illegally with the intent of breaking a law. Elements of burglary include trespassing, breaking, and entering. Someone who commits burglary could do so in order to steal from the property, to illegally live there, or to vandalize property.
  • Theft. Theft or robbery is a criminal act in which a person takes someone else’s property without permission. While burglary often goes hand-in-hand with theft, theft can occur without burglary and vice versa.
  • Vandalism. Vandalism is the intentional and malicious destruction of property by someone who does not own the property. It is sometimes called malicious mischief or malicious trespassing. It is common for those who commit vandalism to first commit burglary, though not everyone who commits burglary is guilty of vandalism.


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