Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has experienced damage to their property can benefit by having a Public Adjuster. It can be for a residential property or for a business owner. A full-service Public Adjuster will be able to advise you of your rights and coverages even when you may not have a covered loss. Their job is accurately defined as an individual or business who will advise and assist the policyholder throughout the insurance claim process. However, a quality agency such as Easy Claims is thatwe will evaluate the entirety of the situation, document the damages, review the available coverages, advise on your duties under your policy, and then if applicable- estimate and present your loss to your carrier. The role of a quality Public Adjuster is to ease the burden of the claims process from start to finish. It is very important for every home and business owner to have a Public Adjuster who they can rely upon for immediate assistance during their time of greatest need.
The best part for the policy holder is that the Public Adjusters works on a contingency basis. This means that there are no up-front costs and the Public Adjuster is only paid if they recover money on behalf of the policyholder. The payment structure means that the Public Adjuster will strive to maximize the settlement for each of their clients.
It is very difficult to put an actual percentage figure or average dollar value on this answer. The facts are that a significant amount of money is left on the table by uneducated policyholders every year. When you hire a reputable Public Adjuster, like Easy Claims, you will almost definitely increase your settlement. Insurance policies are contracts which are written by insurance carriers and they are confusing to policyholders. This causes policy holders to either jeopardize their available coverage or limit their monetary limits available. With a professional on your side, we will be able to guide you through the language in your policy and the circumstances surrounding your particular situation. Your interests and rights will be protected to the maximum allowable extent.
For obvious reasons! The insurance company wants an easy fight with an uneducated opponent! You have the right to professional representation under the insurance laws of your state and the provisions within your policy. Never let your insurance company bully you into a decision without consulting a reputable professional.
Easy Claims is a full service Public Adjuster agency with a licensed team of adjusters and staff who have the skills and knowledge to advise and assist you through every possible property damage situation. We treat every client with a lifelong mentality to ensure that you are fully satisfied. This protects our reputation and ensures that it will continue to grow with your families, friends, and colleagues.

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