Insurance Claim Denied

Insurance Claim Denial

Has your Insurance Claim been Denied?

Insurance Claim Denied! You may receive an insurance claim denial for various reasons. We can take on the Insurance Claim Denied letter on your behalf as your public adjuster. We are licensed through the insurance commissioner of Florida to work on behalf of home owners and business owners and are very familiar with insurance denial responses. Call us right away because we can discover very quickly the reason the insurance claim is denied. We will then advise you, the client, on what to do to recover the money needed to repair your home or business.

If a claim has already been denied it escalates to top priority. Once our company is retained, we start working immediately. Our engagement letter allows us to act on your behalf and get the insurance company to send us all relative information concerning your insurance claim. We then scope the claim for the maximum number for the damage and present our findings to the insurance company. Our job is then to argue all the reasons to reverse their Insurance Claim Denial.

Reasons For Denial

The reason for denial can be a simple misunderstanding based upon what you tell the insurance company about your loss when you first call them. For example, a pipe may burst in your property and you tell the insurance company that your place is flooded. You have not described the claim correctly! If you do not have flood insurance, you will automatically be denied. They will not tell you that you simply stated the claim in the wrong way. You just need to report the claim as a burst pipe. The flooding is actually the result, but that is not the cause of what occurred. A flood is the result of water entering your home or business from the outside of your property. Every time water is the cause for damage to your property from the inside you are experiencing a sudden and accidental discharge of water. If described that way if any water damages your property on the inside, your chance of receiving anĀ Insurance Claim DeniedĀ letter will be greatly reduced.

Insurance Claim Denied even if damage is called in correctly

Sometimes even if you have a legitimate claim, the Insurance companies may still send out Insurance Claim Denied letters! The reason? Profits. They are in business to make a profit, and if they paid all claims every time, they would be less profitable! We will research the reason for the Insurance Claim Denial. If they still refuse our very well organized rebuttal, we will continue to fight for you.

For a free consultation, call us now if you have received any kind of denial concerning your home or business.


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