Plumbing Leak Claims

Plumbing Leak Claims

Let Us Settle Your Plumbing Leak Claim

Some flood claims are covered by homeowners and commercial insurance policies and some are not. For example, if your property is flooded by a supply line leak, plumbing failure, plumbing back-up or from another accidental event, the damage is typically covered by most insurance policies.

However, if your home or business is flooded from water build-up caused by excessive rain or from a storm, that type of flooding is not typically covered by most standard homeowners insurance policies and an additional federal flood policy is required. It is important to speak with your insurance agent to ensure that you are properly covered in the event of any type of flooding.


When to call a Public Adjuster:

Water damage caused by plumbing issues can cause structural damage, mold, or ruined inventory or furniture. Slow plumbing leaks over time will go unseen as the damages grow. Other unexpected water damage sources such as washing machines, dishwashers, leaks from shower pans, and refrigerator water lines can take you by surprise! When these plumbing disasters surface, you need to act fast. A public adjuster will give you the immediate attention your property deserves.

  • The claim is complicated.
  • The insurance company is moving slowly to get you money for recovery.
  • You need an advocate to fight for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • The insurance company denied your claim.
  • The insurance company underpaid your claim.

Your insurance company will try to pay as little as possible for your Plumbing leak claim, but with the help of our public insurance adjusters, you can fight back. We understand the processes of insurance claims, and we know how to fight to maximize your claim payout.

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