Lightning Claims

Lightning Claims

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Homeowners insurance does cover damage from lightning strikes, although only for certain types. Our guide explains how and when your insurance company would cover or pay out for lightning strikes, and what homeowners can do to mitigate damages or issues when filing claims.

Fires can be started by a lightning strike inside or outside your home. Ligntning strikes ruin sensitive appliances, electronics and wiring inside the walls, and sometimes they even shock and injure occupants. Lightning strikes, as well as fire caused by lightning, are covered as perils in almost all homeowners insurance policies, with no exclusions.



How Homeowners Insurance Covers Lightning Damage

  • Personal property, such as any electronics, appliances, furnishings, or other interior possessions damaged or destroyed by a lightning strike. Typically, policies reimburse for “actual cash value” – what you would pay for similar item at today’s prices minus depreciation but your policy should provide an option for replacement cost coverage if you prefer it, which pays what it would cost to replace your personal possessions at their current value.
  • Additional living expenses, which covers the cost of living elsewhere while your damaged home is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Other structures, including a garage or shed – approximately 20% of the dwelling’s value.

Your insurance company will try to pay as little as possible for your Lightning claim, but with the help of our public insurance adjusters, you can fight back. We understand the processes of insurance claims, and we know how to fight to maximize your claim payout.

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