Property And Casualty Adjuster Response To Former County Contractor's Claim

Property And Casualty Adjuster Response To Former County Contractor's Claim

Candace Reese Walters a contractor has been asked by the claims administrator for Dougherty County Commission for additional info relating to her ongoing case with the county. Underwriters Safety & Claims who act as the property and casualty adjuster for the county questioned Candace Reese for her claim that the county owes Walter $25,000 for extra work and attorney fees relating to work done in the county.


A letter has since been sent to Walters. Part of the letter reads, "As part of our checks and evaluation of your claim, we would require the following details: time cards, receipts, and invoices. As you know, the government entity claim that involves taxpayer funds, need full documentation processes for all claims."


Walters said that she was asked to come to Dougherty County Commission and Albany Herald that she had not been given the paid funds owed her after a year of collecting fees doing contract public relations work following two severe storms back in 2017. However, there is evidence that showed she was not owed any money county.


Walters' attorney, Durante Partridge, replied the letter sent to his client, stating that she was owed funds by the county.


In his reply;


"My client carried out extensive services for the county, during the severe storm, and the aftermath of it. All of these is, the hours contracted to her. Furthermore, my client managed the county's social media accounts, again something that was not in the contract, nor was it on a hiring basis, as there was no hiring agreement in place. In addition, the attorney fees from the contract, ongoing attorney's fees have not been taken care of.


We are furthered frustrated by the fact that the county promised to compensate my client for her work on social media, in addition to the extra hours she worked. This agreement came under duress after my client was threatened with criminal charges, and according to the decree made by the court, she was due her legal fees.


In her reply to Walters, Barczykowski said, "Dougherty County Board of Commissioners honoured the original agreement of $19,194.40. "ged some boats and cribs on the dry dock. Cridland says the owners of the boats, and cribs are dealing with the damages with their various insurers. Other docks in the marina also suffered notable damages, as well.



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