Marina Suffers Huge Damages From Windstorm

Marina Suffers Huge Damages From Windstorm

Windstorms can be unforgiving, especially to structures in their part. They are known to cause massive damages not just to properties but to lives as well. Residents from Harbour Marina in Port Dover during the Halloween night, saw first hand the devastating effects of a windstorm in action.

Following the damages by the windstorm, an insurance adjuster with strong knowledge and experience in marine issues was summoned to assess the damages incurred. The violent windstorm caused lots of damages to properties.

Bill Cridland, the county's general manager of community services, said in a note to Norfolk council that "the damages were extensive, and most of the damages occurred on the docks, chains, anchors, and supports."

After the storm passed, the initial assessment of the docks showed minimal damages. However, when a diver performed an examination on the marina came into a different finding. The county's insurer was notified, according to Cridland.

"A marina specialist would be sent to the marina by the insurance company. The marina specialist will check the site for damages," Cridland said.

"The major issue and concern with the damages are that they are all below the water level with the fastening units of the docks. The fasteners are placed to secure the dock to the bottom channel. I can't even phantom what the estimated cost would amount to at this point. The final details would emerge when the investigation is completed by the staff. We hope the staff would share the information with the council, and subsequently with the general public."

There were other damages to other properties on the docks. The windstorm damaged some boats and cribs on the dry dock. Cridland says the owners of the boats, and cribs are dealing with the damages with their various insurers. Other docks in the marina also suffered notable damages, as well.



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